Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish



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This gel nail polish is a liquid gel which usually comes in a bottle or pot. The gel liquid is painted to the nail in the same way that normal nail polish is, but it’s easier as it’s self levelling and you won’t leave brush strokes.  Each coat of polish is cured under a LED lamp for 15 to 60 seconds or a UV lamp for two to three minutes (depending on the polish brand and lamp).

This curing process sets the gel into a solid state. The polish does not dry until it goes under the lamp, so any slips are much easier to rectify. After curing, the gel polish is completely hard, but will have a sticky layer left, ready to bond to the next layer. Additional coats can be applied after each layer is cured.


1. Product: 7.3ml gel nail polish

2. Type: soak off UV&LED gel polish

3. Capacity: 7.3ml/0.25 fl oz

4. Wear Time: 2-3 Weeks

5. Features: no nail damage / lightness smell / easy to soak off / seal & shine

User Guide For Cat Eye:

* Prepare the nail, file, dry and buff the nail.

* Apply a thin layer of base coat, and cure it in a (36W recommended) UV/LED lamp for 60/30 seconds.

* Shake the colour coat bottle vigorously to blend.

* Apply colour coat in a thin application, DO NOT CURE and put the magnet over the nails for 10 seconds to get the cat eye effect then cure it in the UV/LED lamp for 60/30 seconds.

* Apply a thin layer of our NO WIPE or a Normal top coat, and cure it in the UV/LED lamp for 120/60 seconds.

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